Don L Williams is an award winning photographer, musician, and artist and has been involved in photography since the late 1960's. Starting with a used Voigtlander 35mm rangefinder camera, he eventually graduated to SLR Minolta SRT-101 35mm film cameras. He has worked in his own darkroom, developing and printing black and white and color photos. Today, he uses Nikon digital cameras and Minolta 35mm film cameras, along with a variety of modern and vintage lenses.

Born in Birmingham, Alabama and raised in both Alabama and Virginia, Don has traveled extensively in the United States and around the world. This travel and exposure to other places and cultures allowed him to develop a keen ability to observe the world around him and to capture it with photography. He is especially interested in outdoor and nature photography but is also starting to rekindle a love of street photography.

All the photos and work you will see here are original works.  Photos are processed and printed by a professional photo lab and are matted, ready for framing. Other sizes may be available. Contact for information and current prices.

Additional work may be viewed at Fine Art America.

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